javascript popup window tool

javascript popup windows

use this tool to create a custom javascript popup window. You can select which features should be included, scroll bars, status bar, etc, as well as the position of the popup window, it's easy !

At the same time that the popup window is created the html source code is generated, you can then copy and paste the code into your own HTML document.

Just play around with the options and press the 'test popup window' button, you can create as many javascript popup windows as you like, see the instructions below.

popup window generator

yes | no
yes | no
yes | no
yes | no
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yes | no

width: height:

left: top:

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When you click the "test popup window" button, a new window will pop up. At the same time the html source code for the popup window is generated in the textarea above.

once you are happy with the popup window, you can cut and paste the html source code from the textarea to your own webpage.

the generated source code contains a line saying:
<a href="#" onClick=" etc..

If you want more than one popup window on the same page you need to rename Mywindow
for example Mywindow1, Mywindow2 etc.

If you want pop up windows that will open automatically when the page loads then use this code in your body tag

<body onload="'index.html', 'newWindow',

remember to change index.html to the name of the file that you wish to load into the pop up window

please do not be sold on the idea that pop up windows that open automatically are a 'good thing' and be aware that this will annoy the majority of your visitors, ask yourself, do you bookmark wesites that use these auto pop ups?

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