javascript break frames

javascript break frames

  javascript break frames

this javascript will automatically break a frame, place it in the head of your html document and you will never have to worry about someone loading your page into a frame, the javascript will 'smash' out of the frame.

This is a harsh way to break out of a frame and another option is to allow users to break out of the frame 'softly' when they click on one of your links, all that you need to do is add the target="_top" attribute to your links

<A HREF="index.html" target="_top">home</A>

another alternative is to include a base tag in the head part of your page, this removes the need to put targets in your links and affects all the links on the page unless certain links contain other target attributes

<base target="_top">

a link containing target="_blank" will override your base tag
<A HREF="index.html" target="_blank">home</A>
target="_blank" will open the link in a new window

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